Amphitheater in Gelsenkirchen

Deep Purple und Shaking Godspeed

life on the way Gelsenkirchen(20.07.2011) Rock meets classic or DEEP PURPLE meets the New Frankfurt Philharmonie orchestra. A special tour to reinterpret the british rockers’ classic tunes. It’s not the first time for the group to play with an orchestra. They did it a few times in the past, but still it’s a special thing for the band and fans as well. The Amphitheater is a quite beautiful location, too. Though it is raining the whole day, which is bad for the open air concert tonight. Fortunatly the rain stops minutes before the doors open.

But before DEEP PURPLE enters the stage it is up to SHAKING GODSPEED to warm up the freezing crowd. The young rockers from the Netherlands play a kind of rock that sounds just like it was made in the 1970’s. It’s noisy, it sounds like the the three piece band was on drugs during the songwriting and it is very anoying. It looks like only five people seem to enjoy the psychedelic rock of SHAKING GODSPEED. The most people just do not care for the band on stage or look like they are bored. After 30 long minutes they finally leave the stage.

It is nine o’clock as the orchestra and DEEP PURPLE start their show with their classic tune „Highway Star“. It only takes seconds to realize that the orchestra gives a new depth to the songs you’ve been used to hear for ages. The band itself seems to be in a very good mood as well. Singer Ian Gillan even hits most of the high pitched vocal notes. But it’s clear he would fail to sing a song like „Child In Time“ well enough compared to himself thirty years ago.

life on the way - © sumnersgraphicsinc - Fotolia.comThe band plays a best of set with classic tracks like „Space Truckin’“, „Women From Tokyo“ or „Demon’s Eye“. But with „Rapture of the Deep“, the title track of their still most recent work, there is also some new material in the setlist. But it’s songs like the slow „When The Blind Man Cries“ that are special because DEEP PURPLE don’t play that one that often. The only bad thing about the rockers’ show are the far too long solo-sessions. But that’s part of a typical DEEP PURPLE show.

by the way

life on the way - © Yuri Arcurs - Fotolia.comAfter a furious „Smoke On The Water“ the band leaves the stage just to return fastly for the encore which ends with „Black Knight“. One last time the band rocks as hard as they can before they say goodbye after 110 minutes.

Text © by Sebastian Berning