Live Gig Essigfabrik - Cologne

Terror, Every Time I Die, All Shall Perish, The Acacia Strain, Down To Nothing, Thick As Blood and Vera Cruz

Pukkelpop Festival 2011 - 18.08.2011 - Hasselt, Belgien(Oct/18/2010) The Hell on Earth Tour is rolling across Europe again. This year’s line up is one of the best the tour ever had with bands it didn’t feature every second year. Today’s headliner TERROR just put out their new record „Keepers Of The Faith“ and with EVERY TIME I DIE and THE ACACIA STRAIN there are other great bands which doesn’t tour too often in Europe. But the Essigfabrik isn’t as crowded as I suspected. First are the french VERA CRUZ. Their metalcore isn’t very interesseing but it reminds of the great DROP DEAD, GORGEOUS. So there is much space between the crowd because most of the people are sitting outside instead of listening to that boring band. THICK AS BLOOD are up next they get more people to the front of the stage. Their singer couldn’t arrive in Europe so the merch man is filling in for him. And he does a very good job. The band’s moshcore is getting along very well and first real moshpits start. But the band leaves the stage after only fifteen minutes. After that breakdown massacre the next band on stage is DOWN TO NOTHING and they play more straight hardcore in the vain of SICK OF IT ALL or TERROR. Actually it’s something in the middle of both bands. Now even more people seem to enjoy the band’s performance, for the room gets crowded. The band puts focus on their 2007 album „The Most“ but also play many songs off their latest record „Unbreakable“.

Unterwegs in - © sumnersgraphicsinc - Fotolia.comBut it’s THE ACACIA STRAIN which is this evening’s first highlight. Their rude mix of hardcore, metalcore and death metal is really good and the breakdowns are brutal. The group is focused to play their songs but their singer runs across the stage. But sadly they don’t play many songs off their debut record „3750“, they focus on their most recent releases 2008’s „Continent“ and this year’s „Wormfood“. ALL SHALL PERISH follow that great show. I don’t get why people like them. Their boring deathcore is technically great but their is nothing that makes their songs interessting. But they get more crowd reaction than THE ACACIA STRAIN. With EVERY TIME I DIE that party really starts. Their southern rock hardcore doesn’t really fit into this year’s tour line-up because EVERY TIME I DIE don’t use too many breakdowns and even feature some clean vocals like in the absolutly great „The New Black“. The band around singer Keith Buckly is very energetic and gets the crowd moving and singing along. They give a great mix of their last four records but unfortuneatly „Wanderlust“ is missing. Either way it’s tonight’s best show. Now it’s time for TERROR. The band plays an energetic concert like every time. It’s great to see a band which can play a hit like „One with the underdogs“ at the beginning of their set and still have enough hits for the rest of their show like „Always The Hard Way“, „Suffer To Return Harder“ or „Keep Your Mouth Shut“. TERROR are one of the best live bands of today’s hardcore scene, which they proove very well in cologne tonight.

Text by © by Sebastian Berning