Live Gig Essigfabrik - Cologne

A Day to Remember with Bayside, Pierce The Veil and Adept

Pukkelpop Festival 2011 - 18.08.2011 - Hasselt, Belgien(Feb/18/2011) A DAY TO REMEMBER have fast risen. Over the last two years their shows became a huge magnet for people. Their blend of pop punk and metalcore sliced with heavy breakdowns became a real hype. Back with their fourth record „What Seperates Me From You“ they sold out the Essigfabrik in Cologne and many other tourdates.

But before people get to enjoy their heros. It’s ADEPT’s turn to turn on the crowd. The swedisch screamo/metalcore band seems to have some fans in the first rows. There is a small moshpit starting during the first songs. But they music lack of creativity. It is quite boring to watch their show, because they isn’t much to enjoy. The same breakdowns like a million other bands in that genre and even the melodic riffs aren’t good enough to catch most people’s attention.

I was really looking forward to PIERCE THE VEIL. On record they are a good band somewhere between emo and post-hardcore. But it seems like people need some time to get into it. But songs like „Caraphernelia“, which features A DAY TO REMEMBER-singer Jeremy or „The Boy Who Could Fly“ get a good crowd reaction, but it’s their short cover  of the most recent dance-hit „Like A G6“ which makes the kids bounce and clap their hands. From now on it seems like veryone is enjoying PIERCE THE VEIL’s set, which saddly features only one song from their debut „A Flair For The Romantics“. But their set will remain the best of the support bands.

Unterwegs in - © sumnersgraphicsinc - Fotolia.comIt’s may be a little bit strange that BAYSIDE are on the bill tonight. They are not emo, not screamo neither post-hardcore. In the beginning they might had an emo-touch but since the last two records they are more of an rock band. So it is not surprising that there are less fans in the crowd than ADEPT or PIERCE THE VEIL had. BAYSIDE really enjoy the show and put a lot of energy in it and can convince some people. But unfortunatly they play only one song from their early works.

Now it’s finally time for A DAY TO REMEMBER, which start their set with one of their heaviest tracks ever „2nd Sucks“. The whole crowd scream „You’re fake!“ to get the song going. But somehow it seems like they are tired. I have seen the band playing with a lot of more energy a few times before. May be that’s because today they will play a much longer show than on the tours before.
But the kids in front of the stage seem to enjoy the show. There is a huge pit and they shout every sing-along out loud. The setlist is also very good. It is a great mix of all four records and also includes a MILLENCOLLIN cover. For sure many would’ve liked to hear „Since U Been Gone“ by KELLY CLARKSON or THE FRAY’s „Cable Car (Over my Head)“ instead. 

Either way A DAY TO REMEMBER put on a good show. Not their best one but enjoyable for everyone in the club.

Text by © by Sebastian Berning