Iron Maiden

Open Air Oberhausen Arena

Iron Maiden, Oberhausen Open Air, 6.7.2013, English version (Jul 6th 2013) Holger is a little melancholy after the concert. The man in his mid-forties has just seen the history concert of his old heroes and determined that the time has passed really quickly. "That was probably the last time I saw Maiden. From the beginning the band was always there and has been with me, and now you have to slowly get used to the idea that it's over soon. It just has to touch you." Holger is joined in celebrating the British legend at the Open Air in Oberhausen by around 26,000 people, the audience, a mixed bunch of ages wise and already completely text-safe teenagers, a little Father's Day Outing flair is there particularly because of the father-son groups also to be to be found at the terrain. Plus a few people with beer thirst, who do not know how to behave, and there you have your event audience. Heavy metal is not always represented sovereign today, but the many true fans will of course not at all be stopped by this.
They experience an almost flawless proffered Maiden England show, Steve Harris and Co cut the ground for 100 minutes and only play their greatest hits, and almost all of them come from the golden era of MAIDEN, from the 80s. Only "Afraid To Shoot Strangers" and the inevitable, but only for mainstream supporters halfway bearable "Fear Of The Dark" are temporal outliers in the set list, and both these songs are older than twenty years. So the concert in the blazing summer heat that only slowly becomes merciful is exactly what the fans want: No new complete albums at a time, no setlist from the current century mixed up with a few hits, but the full delivery of classics. In keeping with the album theme a big part of the set list is from the last great Maiden classic "Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son" in 1988, in each of which the audience can expereince not only a slightly graying but well-launched band and still agile and very unerring Bruce Dickinson , but also the maximum technical performance with a lot of fire and kaboom pyros. Just as if the band knew themselves that they will probably not have many opportunities to such a career highlight. The cult-like worshiped mascot Eddie is presented in three versions: As the stage stumping forming monster during “Run To The Hills”, as an oversized, sinister fortune-teller in "Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son" (just as back in 1988), and again at the end during "Iron Maiden "with the" Seventh Son "ghost on his arm.
"Moonchild" as an opener awakens the feeling that you are likely a bit missing from the albums tours in recent years: That it is the band on stage which has exactly written and published the songs that have stood to your side for years as a faithful companions. With all the existing class of the current releases: Not one of the new songs can transport and deploy the mass-border effect, the emotions, as the hits of that era. Can I Play With Madness", ”The Clairvoyant "and" The Evil That Men Do " in their rousing live versions make you aware of how many evergreens the seventh Maiden album actually comes up with, and the fact that "Wasted Years", a song off the by many beloved album “Somewhere In Time” finds its way into the setlist also ensures joy among the followers.
The "Number Of The Beast" songs "Run To The Hills" and (of course) "The Number Of The Beast" do not disturb in this context, but simply have to be part of this magnificent best-of-show. The surprise “The Prisoner” gives credit to the absence of perhaps the best Maiden song "Hallowed Be Thy Name". The debut album is taken into account with "Phantom Of The Opera", that early song from the band catalog, the first containing all the primarily instrumental elements that made the band a legend just a little later. "Two Minutes To Midnight" and "Aces High" cover the "Powerslave" album and there is nothing more to say anyway about "The Trooper.” In contrast to the concert in Frankfurt (and also in other venues according to eye witnesses) the sound is completely and perfectly clear. IRON MAIDEN in Oberhausen 2013 was a complete blast. The band has announced yet another album, so there is hope for a few last chances to see the band live, but there will not be many opportunities to see the band on a day like July 6th., with the setlist, this joy and this weather.
Oh, there was also support bands: Swedish band GHOST were quite appealing from my point of view, but did not manage to convince the audience, SABATON got better reactions for their epic, bellicose hit metal, but for me the limit of endurance was a little exceeded, the more so as the sound was not at all perfect. But the fact is that no matter whom you had sent on stage in advance, with IRON MAIDEN they had all looked quite old that day.

Text © by Heiko Eschenbach