Live Gig Matrix - Bochum


Pukkelpop Festival 2011 - 18.08.2011 - Hasselt, Belgien(Feb/05/2011) YOUR DEMISE are getting bigger and bigger. May be because of their new singer Ed McRae, which is more sympathic and a better vocalist than YOUR DEMISE’s previous one. Their whole show tonight is so much better than the ones they’ve had before their recruted McRae. The opener „MMX“ is massive because of the sing-along of the crow. The band puts a lot of energy in their performance.
It is also very nice to see that the fans are more into the new songs off of their recent record „The Kids We Used To Be...“. It’s obvious that efforts like „Miles Away“, „Life of Luxuary“ (featured by the singer of LETLIVE), „The Kids We Used To Be...“ or „Scarred Of The Light“ are better tunes like the ones they’ve written before. YOUR DEMISE 2010/2011 sound more melodic, more positive and far better than the more aggressive YOUR DEMISE which wrote a track like „Burnt Tongues“, which ends their set tonight with a bang.

Unterwegs in - © sumnersgraphicsinc - Fotolia.comOf course there were some support bands. LETLIVE are the first on stage tonight. The crowd isn’t very familiar with the post-hardcore-outfit. Their singer is running around like crazy, doing backflips and is totally freaking out. „Muther“ is their best tune. It is more melodic and even the most emotional one of their set. Unfortunatly they don’t sell any Cds. They could’ve made some money tonight.  BREAK EVEN from Australia are the next in line. Their hardcore isn’t every „hard“ when you listen to their debut „The Bright Side“, so it’s surprising that they sound more aggressive live. The guitars sound more brutal and not as indie as they do on the record. The kids are more familiar to them than they were in LETLIVE. So some first movement can be recognized during their set. Although, it is nothing spezial.

And who needs STICK TO YOUR GUNS? Many, obviously. Their tough guy hardcore, which is sliced by some melodic moments and clean vocals is the first adress for everyone you can laugh about if you’re not one of these tough guy kids. I don’t really like them and tonight’s show won’t change this fact at all. Of course there is a lot of energy on stage and in the pit, but I think there a so many other bands who do it better.

So LETLIVE are a band you should keep in mind and YOUR DEMISE put on a hell of a good show tonight – by far their best one I’ve seen.

Text by © by Sebastian Berning