Live Gig Matrix - Bochum

BEHEMOTH, CRADLE OF FILTH, In Solitude, Inquisition

BEHEMOTH, CRADLE OF FILTH, In Solitude, Inquisition, 15. February 2014, Bochum, Matrix(15. February 2014)  The career of Polish Black metallers Behemoth could hardly be any better than currently: Their latest album "The Satanist" as very much appreciated in the scene and gives the already very popular band around the upper demon Nergal an unexpected boost of attractiveness. At the joint tour with British band of Cradle Of Filth, both bands share the headlining position and change bill from evening to evening. Today Cradle are only second choice, which can clearly be justified by the show. The Colombians Inquisition make a lot of noise for a due, and their grumpy Black Metal sounds far less bumpy than expected. Overall, the song material, that sounds like a less cold, ie South American version of Immortal is too uniform to be exciting for the entire show.
In the wake of the currently burgeoning Goth revival the Swedes In Solitude have found their place with their latest album "Sister" in the fairway between King Diamond and the 80's dark music. Nearly the entire setlist is made up of songs of that album, except for the final "Witches Sabbath" from the debut. The band acts a whole lor rougher live than on the studio recordings, and especially in the rear part of the long-drawn matrix, the loud sound skips from time to time. Overall, however, a convincing appearance, which stylistically does not necessarily fit in the evening, on the other hand, however, it is a bit of a melodic variety to the otherwise heavy and dark program. Cradle OF Filth are co-headliners today and do their job exceptionally well despite the fact that half of the original band members are not here.
Contrary to my expectations the band does not not receive any displeasure, a large part of the attendees celebrating the band's songs with devotion. Hatred and resistance would have been nothing the band had deserved not only frontman Dani Filth makes a good impression with his bloodcurdling screams, especially since the energy never seems to disapper.
The backing band ensures a complete picture, especially the female keyboarder, which also takes care of the female vocals in "Nymphetamine"and one or two intros , but also offers something to look at for the male fan base. he band fits their set to the theme of the evening and particularly plays many classics from the early phase. The "Cruelty And The Beast" album is just as much a part of the show as the title song of "The Prinicpal Of Evil Made Flesh". The hit "Her Ghost In The Fog" concludes the regular set before the band once again draws the sympathy to their side with the fan favorite "Funeral In Carpathia".
Cradle of Filth's gig does not appear be a pure puppet theater, although of course one does not have to slike the masquerade and scary image. In the audience the dark ominous atmosphere is there for the first time that evening, that one has actually really expected for the nain act on the way into the Matrix. Behemoth are the Black Metal band of the moment, starting at the atmospheric intro that is undoubtedly clear. The Poles prove for 90 minutes why Black Metal can have a big, epic show without making the accusation of sell-out and commerce valid. This type of music does not have to be primitive and cheap, simply a good deal of conviction and power, and a high-end quality guarantees comforting gloom. The flares that are fired during the intro leave no doubt that you are looing at a band that focuses on a coherent overall picture. The opener "Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel" whose powerful riff pushes through the Bochum like the thunder the apocalypse tube burns an infernal hell fire whose intensity increases further during the gig. The low ceiling of the Matrix blows the smoke columns on the stage back into the obsessive audience, an effect that makes that element of the show appear even more martial. The pillars of fire are superimposed on the matrix with a penetrating smell of sulfur , while the drummer on his podium and in the face of directional headlights at him is encouragingly a huge part of the concert . Behemoth' sound is powerful, but not overly loud, and the deep black songs that vary between ecstatic groove and infernal murderous blast beat ht a flame on the darkest side of human existence. "Christians To The Lions”, “Conquer All" or songs in the current slice as the title song "The Satanist " or the all chains busting monster fire " Furor Divinus " buold up a black, protective coat across the scenery which gives the audience a nasty but positive energy that seems not to exist in the real world.
Again and again trumpets are howling, fires are lighting and screams sounding, and even with the very rocky and very catchy closing number "O Father, O Satan O Sun" all participants carry that strength in the limbs that they have just gained. Nay church associations and self-proclaimed "protectors of our children" continue to recognize the face of Satan in “the devil's work”, concerts like this in the end are nothing more than force-giving and courage-making power demonstrations. Far more so than the Sunday services do for us.

Text by © by Heiko Eschenbach