Live Gig Bürgerhaus Stollwerck

Brand New

Brand New Bürgerhaus Stollwerck(25. April 2014)  Once BRAND NEW belonged to the top of the Emo scene of the new millennium. "Your Favourite Weapon" was is a must-have containing hits like 'Seventy Times 7' or 'The Shower Scene' . The three subsequent albums were all much more demanding and did not have quite as much to do with the original sound. But they could win many new fans - and that despite the fact that they never really toured Europe. The last time BRAND NEW were in Germany was in 2007. The tours then were always canceled. For the current work "Daisy" the band played only a few gigs in Europe, so a real tour was more than necessary.
After last year's cancellation, I have not really expected to see BRAND NEW live this year. But indeed! Although I missed the support band THE FRONT BOTTOMS almost completely, but most of the more than 800 people anyway just seem to to wait for Jesse Lacey and his colleagues. These enter the stage without a lot of frills and open up the set with a PINK FLOYD-esque feedback orgy before playing the first song 'Vices'. Even if "Daisy" is not the most popular album among fans, the numbers are amazingly good.
The set is apparently divided into albums blocks. First only "Daisy" material is exclusively offered in which particularly 'You Stole' stands out, then songs from the gold-studded "Deja Entendu" (including the "Your Favourite Weapon" sprinklings 'Seventy Times 7') and at the end there some of the depressive masterpiece "the Devil And God Are Raging Inside of Me". Especially 'Jesus Christ', 'Degausser' and 'sedan' ensure goosebumps.
Jessey Lacey interrupts rarely between songs for a few short speeches. Somehow, the singer and guitarist acts even a little shy towards the audience. His band rocks a lot more live and thus seems more present than Lacey. This impression is reinforced by the light show that virtually makes the singer disappear behind glaring light. But the suffering is all the more palpable in his voice. He puts so much into many quiet passages that he can not keep timing and sings slightly offset from the audience. Does not matter, because this makes his performance even more authentic.
I'm usually not a fan of concerts with extra length, but these almost 100 minutes of BRAND NEW are top notch! I would have liked to hear two to five more songs. Also, since the debut came a little too short, which is, however, bleating at the highest level. Hopefully the squad does not need that long again to find the way to Europe.

Text by © by Heiko Eschenbach