Live Gig Turbinenhalle - Oberhausen


Pukkelpop Festival 2011 - 18.08.2011 - Hasselt, Belgien(Dec/29/2010) This year’s „Imperial Clothing Never Say Die Tour“ gives the audience the propably best line-up in it’s four year history. With 2007’s headliners PARKWAY DRIVE and COMEBACK KID it’s a familiar line-up but with BLEEDING THROUGH, YOUR DEMISE, WAR FROM A HARLOTS MOUTH and today’s first band WE CAME AS ROMANS there are a few bands which have never been on this tour. Tonight they are playing in the big Turbinenhalle in Oberhausen in front of almost 3000 kids.
The first band is WE CAME AS ROMANS. The six dudes put out their debut „To Plant A Seed“ just a year ago and this is their first eurpean tour. They deliver the fans a nice breakdown-driven sound which reminds of bands like A SKYLIT DRIVE or BLESSTHEFALL. The two vocalists put everything in their show and especially their bassist rocks his ass off. It’s a nice show but the best is yet to come.
The brits of YOUR DEMISE are much better and are going to be the best band of the evening along with COMEBACK KID. After a hip hop intro they begin with „Miles Away“ off their recent record „The Kids We Used To Be...“. Their new singer was a good choice as you can see tonight. He puts a lot of energy in his show and animates the crowd to get wild. „Teenage Lust“ might be the best song of their set (and new record), but during „The Kids We Used To Be“ the new singer shows that he can actually sing. „Burnt Tongues“ is the song which set this whole place on fire and ends their great performance.

Berlin’s WAR FROM A HARLOTS MOUTH are up next. But it seems like the crowd doesn’t get into their noisy and technical blend of mathcore and deathcore. Their straight songs like „Crroks At The Door“ or „Uptown Girl“ get the best reaction by the crowd. The most songs are nice but it’s hard to listen to them because they are too technical. So the good performance of singer Nico is kind of in vain.

Unterwegs in - © sumnersgraphicsinc - Fotolia.comI don’t know why so many people are wearing a EMMURE-Shirt today. They’ve got no great songs, only brutal breakdowns. Etherway, they get a big resonance by the kids in the mosh pit. Unfortunatly they put their focus on their most recent record „Felony“, which isn’t their best. It sounds too mich like a bad and brutal new metal record from 2003. But their older songs are quite good without being an offering of good songwriting.
BLEEDING THROUGH know how to write good songs. The metalcore-outfit plays almost the same setlist like it did at Vainstream Festival this summer. But the crowd really enjoys the symphonic metal and singer Brandon runs all across the stage and gets the kids to move. Especially the older tunes like „Love Lost In A Hail Of Bullets“, „For Love And Failing“ or „Kill To Believe“ are what the people want to hear. Great show.
But COMEBACK KID are even better. It’s been long since they’ve been here, so people are hungry for their fine blend of hardcore music. They present the new songs of their new record „Symptoms + Curses“. The band is in a very good shope this evening and present 45 minutes pure energy during their performance. The old songs like „Die Tonight“, „All In A Year“ or „Our Distance“ get massive sing-alongs by the audience.“Wake The Dead“ ends their set as usual with the loudest sing-along you’ve heard and will hear tonight.

Australia’s finest, PARKWAY DRIVE, are touring once again. I don’t know why kids don’t get tired of them. They are on tour non-stop and you can catch them three times a year. They shoudl take a step back, so at least I really want to see them again. But it’s good to see how fast they’ve risen from a band you can see on 2007’s Vainstream at 12 o’clock to the headliners in front of 3000 kids. They play almost the same set as seen on this year’s festival season. PARKWAY DRIVE are a nice way to end the show. They are a tight live band and leave almost nobody unsatisfied.

Text by © by Sebastian Berning