The Devil Wears Prada Interview

A Conversation with vocalist Mike Hranica

Pukkelpop Festival 2011 - 18.08.2011 - Hasselt, Belgien(via E-Mail in 2011) What are your thoughts on “Dead Throne“ now? Do you think you‘ve reached what you had in mind when you went into the studio?
Mike Hranica: Definitely, I couldn't be happier with Dead Throne.

My first thoughts were that the record isn‘t as catchy as the previous ones. There is this darker atmosphere all over the songs. Where does that darkness come from?
MH: It's always been in us, it's just that this time around when writing, we really looked to exploit that side of things.  For us it's about being natural, and that's what Dead Throne is for us.

To me it seems like you reduced the clean vocals a little bit. Was that something you wanted to change or did this come natuarlly because there wasn‘t enough space for singing?
MH: Haha, no if we wanted space for singing, we'd make space for singing.  Moving to less singing just felt like it's how things should go with the songs we were writing.  I think there is still plenty enough of it on Dead Throne, and not enough to warrant any complaints about not enough singing from listeners.

I‘ve read that Jeremy from A DAY TO REMEMBER worked with you on the vocals. What was his input and what was it like working with him?
MH: We've known the ADTR boys for a long time, and Chris worked on Homesick with them.  This time around we wanted to bring Jeremy over to our side.  He, Jeremy DePoyster, and I just spent time together working on songs, melodies, patterns. McKinnon had a pretty big impact on the four songs he worked on with us.

You have stated before entering the studio that the record will be close to the „Zombie“ ep in terms of sound. Now the record is close to it‘s release: How close is it to what you had in mind before you start working on the record?
MH: Again, I really couldn't be happier with it.  The sound of Dead Throne is really what I've been hoping to see and hear out of TDWP for a long time.

The song titles aren‘t as long as they were on you first three efforts and they sound more serious than before. What made you change this? Many people liked titles like „HTML rulez d00d“ or “Big Wiggly Style“.
MH: We just wanted to begin putting in the effort to have song titles that reflected content of the song.  We don't want to let people down by changing things around, but we do what we want, not what is ideal to sell.

Is there a certoan re-ocurring theme covered in the lyrics? And where does the record‘s title come from?

MH: The record name is explained perfectly well in the title track, which opens the album.  Most of the record deals with idolatry and love lost, but there are also songs that have concepts all to themselves.

Unterwegs in - © sumnersgraphicsinc - Fotolia.comYou have been on Warped Tour recently. What are the best and is there may be some bad memoriy about the tour? Which bands did you like most?
MH: It was cool getting to hang with friends in bands like A DAY TO REMEMBER and August BURNS RED.  I loved watching AGAINST ME! every day and getting to know those guys.  I love that band.

You‘ve toured the European mainland not very often. What are the reasons for this decision? And why did you play the UK and didn‘t come over for more shows? That‘s something many US-bands do.
MH: This year has been the most amount of time we've done Europe, and it's been an awesome start to all the focus we really want to put into territory outside of the U.S.  I know we should have been playing mainland for years, so we're behind, but we're working on it.

What is a normal day in the life of THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA is like when you‘re on tour and when you‘re at home? Do you still have normal jobs?
MH: No normal jobs.  Time on tour is a lot of time spent waiting, but I really do enjoy it. It's been a while since we last played some shows, and I definitely miss it.

With The Devil Wears Prada's lyrical message and your beliefs, do you feel more pressure to be role model than a band which isn‘t religious?
MH: We don't look to be heroes or role models, which takes up a lot Dead Throne.  We aren't meant to be examples of how to live, we're meant to tell people about something awesome that works really for us.

A Conversation with vocalist Mike Hranica

Unterwegs in - © Yuri Arcurs - Fotolia.comMany people have called you the future of metalcore. What is your opinion about the current scene and which bands have influenced you?
MH: The scene sucks, everything is over saturated.  I don't care if metalcore dies off and I try not to pay attention to all the bad bands tainting metal and hardcore.  I just try to do exactly what I can in TDWP to the best of my abilities, plain and simple.

Any last words to your fans?
MH: Thank you for all of your support!  Keep an eye out for Dead Throne European Tour soon.

Interview © by Sebastian Berning