Live Gig Underground - Cologne

August Burns Red with Blessthefall und Of Mice & Men

Pukkelpop Festival 2011 - 18.08.2011 - Hasselt, Belgien(Sep/10/2010) AUGUST BURNS RED are getting bigger and bigger. Last year they played the Underground in Cologne and it wasn’t sold out as it is today. But today they’ve got with OF MICE & MEN and BLESSTHEFALL two well known support acts teamed up with them. OF MICE & MEN are the first band of today’s evening. It’s the band of the former ATTACK ATTACK!-singer, but he got kicked out of OF MICE & MEN, so the band plays their very first european show ever with their new singer. He is the center of attention because he is always moving and getting close to the fans, who adore their breakdown-driven metalcore. And for a support act they get a really good reaction from the crowd. BLESSTHEFALL are following them. They’re also presenting their new singer to european fans after their former one left the band back in 2007 to join ESCAPE THE FATE. But during the first song their singer can’t be heard. But as his voice appears it’s up to everyone if it better that way. He doesn’t sing that finde and their songs aren’t the best either. They sound like a boring version of ALESANA with much more breakdowns.

Unterwegs in - © sumnersgraphicsinc - Fotolia.comSo it’s AUGUST BURNS RED to show how it should be. And it’s obvious that everybody is just waiting for them. After their euro-dance-intro they start with ‚Composure’ which makes the kids go wild. But it’s even wilder during the following ‚The Truth Of A Liar’ and ‚Thirty And Seven’. The band’s technical skills are awesome and so their show is. After ‚Redemption’ AUGUST BURNS RED leave the stage to come back for the encore which consists of ‚White Washed’ off their latest record „Constellations“. This one leaves the crowd breathless and sweating as hell after their furious show tonight.

Text by © by Sebastian Berning